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of my friends are gators. >> sorry to hear about that. adam: all seriousness, congress right now, as you depart has a reputation that is at the bottom. i could use all kinds of negative adjectives to describe it. i don't need to tell you. how does congress get the respect it needs to gove back after this craziness which is still not played out, and who gets the blame for this? >> well, understand, that congress is made up of people who have won election in 435 districts. the 50 states with two senators. the american people can decide who they are sending to congress. so, these are duly elected people who represent districts and just because somebody in one distri vote as certain way that somebody in another district doesn't like --. adam: you lose nothing. you're done. you lose nothing by speing truth to the other 434 members. what would you say to them? >> well, i think that we have sho, historically, not just this year but every the decades that congress is not good except if there's a deadline the reason the fiscal cliff exists we pushed until the end of the year this harmonic converg
in congress right now? i'm not sure there is. one thing we do see, it is encouraging that we saw this deal happen before the stock market tanked so there is some awareness that these decisions really affect the real world and instead of waiting for the stock market to plunge and then having to rush and get something done, they seem to have done it in anticipation of that so that it doesn't happen. that will be the same scenario when we get to the debt ceiling because that is a much more serious problem that would have immediate impact. if there is sensitivity to the markets when we come around to that it could help get a deal done. i'm not too sure that is how it is going to play out. >> you mentioned getting it done before the markets had a chance to react. they still pushed it to the 11th hour. the senate was voting at 2:00 am on new year's day. why do they wait until the very last minute to try to get these things done? >> people who have been watching these fiscal cliff negotiations for a long time basically expected it to play out pretty much the way it played out. there was not much
to be here. >> woodruff: given the spectacle we're watching in the congress right now and the last few years and the low regard we know the american hold of congress are you sure you want this job? >> oh yes. there is so much that we need to do. we just need to roll up our shreves and get to work. in nebraska we're very fortunate. we have a nonpartisan uni camral. we have experience with working with republicans and democrats. we've been able to get a lot done in nebraska. i hope i can bring that here to washington as well. >> woodruff: you obviously have not been a part of the senate that has been voting the last few days but if you were sitting in the senate right now would you have voted for the version of the fiscal cliff deal that the senate voted on last night? >> i haven't been part of those discussions. like most americans i find it very, very frustrating to watch it. it's not what we expected. i can tell you that. the spending is a problem. when i campaigned last year-and-a-half all across the state of nebraska what i heard from people was their concern about spending. that's not ad
of americans. we're watching what's happening in the congress right now. world financial markets are watching very closely as well. they'll soon start reopening after the new year holiday, beginning shortly in asia, later overnight in europe, followed by wall street in the mourning. let's go to our chief business correspondent, ali velshi in new york. ali, what will make investors take a look at this fiscal cliff uncertainty and decide to buy or sell? what's going to happen? >> well, they're really going to wait for the same thing we're waiting for. and that is some srcertainty. so at this point, as you've been reporting so well for a few hours, we don't know whether the house is going to vote or whether america is really going over the fiscal cliff for a few days. now, we've got only australia open at the moment and new zealand. these are not markets that will give us a real sense of how the rest of the world is going to go, and that's because those markets are influenced by other sources. we're looking for seoul, hong kong, and shanghai, all of which will be open within an hour and a half t
the biggest threat to our economy is our congress. let's get right to abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl covering this every step of the way. jon, many angry americans watching all of this. >> reporter: well, david, they just blew it. it is now clear that congress will fail to pass by midnight tonight something to prevent virtually everybody's taxes from going up. they have known for more than a year that tonight was the deadline and they just blew it. the deadline to prevent that massive $600 billion combination of tax hikes and spending cuts will be missed. but the scramble continues. to try to get a deal done and passed over the next day or two, that would put the tax cuts, at least, back in place retro actively. and today, they sure seemed close to a deal. >> i can report that we've reached an agreement on all of the tax -- the tax issue. >> reporter: and even though the deal was not finalized, the president seemed to take a victory lap today at the white house. >> keep in mind that just last month republicans in congress said they would never agree to raise tax rates on the
. >> it seems like a cycle of nonsense. >> it has gotten worse. >> he's right. this congress will go down as the least productive on record. the bottom line is that members are not putting country first. >> now it is so bipartisan and they are used to beating the other guy. >> which brings us to the next congress and the next fight acoss cross the board spending cuts and the fiscal cliff negotiations delayed for two months. the idea that battle will be different than this one seems -- >> i would like it to. >> laughable. she makes a point that a lot of people make during these strugglings democracy is a method it always has been but plenty of people we spoke with say they are sick and tired of the mess and they are hope they don't think congress can do anything. >> some interesting comments out there. chris will be monitoring everything going on in the capitol tonight and will bring us updates in the next hour and a half. >> we go to the weather and our first forecast for 2013. steve rudin is in the weather center. >> not so bad here in the wea
the fiscal cliff, another financial crisis emerged right? treasury secretary tim geithner telling congress that the u.s. just reached its $16.4 trillion borrowing limit. he says the government is now employing, quote, extraordinary measures in order to avoid default, no word how lawmakers will resolve huge differences raising debt limit, the debt ceiling but it could be just a matter of weeks before the government defaults. heather: the supreme court's chief justice weighing in on the country's physical problems. saying the judicial branch gets a minuscule fraction of the nation's trillion dollar budget. it has already done its part when it comes to cost cutting. he is calling on the white house and congress to give enough funding to insure the federal judiciary can do its job. saying this. a significant and prolonged short fall in judicial funding would inevitably result in the delay or denial of justice for the people the courts serve. i therefore encourage the president and congress to be especially attentive to the needs of the judicial branch and provide the resources necessary for it
the impact it will have on you. >>> all right. members of congress never that pretty. >>> secretary of state clinton waking up in a new york city hospital. making excellent progress. we'll have the latest on her condition. >> welcome to "early start." i am ali velshi. >> i am christine romans. >> and quite a lot to talk about. through this morning, the senate passed a plan to fend off the fiscal cliff. but now it's up to the house of representatives to follow suit. just after 2:00 eastern time this morning, the senate overwhelmingly passed a plan that was crafted by the vice president and the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell. vote? 89-8. the republican controlled house left well before midnight last night, so they will are to take up the measure today. >> i said all along, the most important priority was to protect middle class families. this legislation does that. >> this suhouldn't be the model for how we do things around here, but i think we've done some good for the country. >> bush era tax cuts extend for individuals earning less than 400,000 a year, and couples earning less than
whatever comes out of congress before wednesday. >> right. and the irs can sign -- give instructions to companies around the country about paycheck withholding. it will take a couple of weeks to adjust what the new tax rates are anyway. that is why they have a little wiggle room beyond midnight tonight in terms of exactly what the tax rates will be. i will put up a little bit of a red flag in terms of joe biden the vice president trying to sell this to senate democrats. there are some senate democrats on the left who may say wait a second, if we go off the cliff and don't sign off on this deal instead of dealing with the threshold of $450,000 we will basically have all of the rates go back to the clinton levels and you lose the bush rates. and then they he could come back in three, four, five days and try to change the threshold and just have it $250,000 and above taxes go up. i'm not saying they will succeed in that but that is a possibility out there because another big thing that is happening in a few days is that senate democrats pick up more seats in the new congress. they picke
that congress has to deal with yet another bruising debt ceiling battle. >> all right. thank you. >>> why do you think lawmaker waited until last minute? there is a lot of questions surrounding that. we are getting a lot of feedback on our facebook page. >> william have bad hotwood says it was to, quote, act like they are doing something for their already overrated salaries. they do this almost every year. we need to force them to change the way they work us for. share your commends our facebook page. >>> still ahead this new year's morning. >> so, a deal has been reached mentioned in the senate. that doesn't mean the tension is gone. we'll take a look at what new year's resolution lawmakers may want to consider when we come back. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to regi
level. do you think that will happen right away in the new congress? >> the first thing they will discuss after the clear this deal out of the way after the deal with the tax rates. if the house to approve this and the president signs it into law, we're talking about the debt ceiling for the next couple of months. we don't have that much certainty on how much room we have. we know it's $200 billion but that all depends on the specifics of the textile because remember, taxes are going up, but the fiscal cliff its full force and continues to hit full force, technically it already has a degree that helps the deficit picture and gives us more room as a country underneath that debt ceiling. we have already technically hit it. $200 of that extraordinary measures being taken to extend that. cheryl: rich edson live on capitol hill. you will be there all afternoon, possibly into the early evening. thank you very much. once again, we are going to be awaiting a press from nancy pelosi, democratic leader in the house after the conclude their meeting which at this point is still happ
together and you could really see in his body language that he feels well right now. >> should there be a deal, what needs to happen in both houses of congress for the stopgap effort to go through? >> first, the senate will come together and decide the taxes for the wealthy will go up. now the question is who is wealthy? households to make more than $450,000 per year will see higher taxes. the next obstacle is what is going happen with the additional money? republicans would like to use that money to reduce the debts and democrats would like to spend it. they will find a compromise in the next hour. let's be optimistic. everyone is optimistic that they will finally pass a bill. mr. boehner will then try to find a common ground with democrats in the house and they will have to pass this bill as well. i'm not sure whether they will be able to do that today, so what we might see is that the house will come together tomorrow morning and pass the bill then. >> what happens if there's no deal? to the bills get paid? >> i am somewhat optimistic. if they're not going to find a solution
hello, tom. it is exciting times in tripoli. with election and new congress coming together. as i read libya's recent history it is a bit like we are reliving the post world war ii years. how right he was. that was chris. always thinking, always sharp, always ready. public service is too often looked down upon by some in this country. often my colleagues in the foreign service la meant they don't make them the way they used to anymore. today we remember a man, chris stevens, whose life and service just proves how wrong my colleagues really are. chris shows us they still make them the way they used to, only an awful lot better, thank you. [applause] >> chris's family would like to invite everyone to a reception after the ceremony. it will be held over there. you are all welcome. let us pray. oh lord, support us all the day long until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes and the busy world is hushed and the fever of life is over and our work is done. then in your mercy grant us a safe lodging and a holy rest and peace at the last. may the author of all life bless us and keep us. in
is creating the gridlock. i think the far right of the republican party's holding congress hostage to a point. mitch mcconnell says he wants to strike a deal. think about it, history states they've been the party of no. he said from the beginning if obama wants it, why are we going to do it? at the end of the day congress can sit around but these directly affect us. as students, think about the division tax breaks, things will go away and affect my family. within i look at congress, i see it's shifted to one side. i don't know. i feel like they need to step up and make a compromise. with obama it's like a mandate, with the taxing the wealthiest americans, if he's elected which by a landslide, maybe they need to catch up and form and modernize the party. >> reporter: how much does the political posturing, how is that to watch this churn day after day for the past several days? >> it's rough. i was watching yesterday when the president spoke, hoping maybe they had come to some point. hearing him say we're close but not there yet, it's like these are things that directly affect americans and if
holiday right now. so, that would come into effect. you are right. they are running out of time. there is a new congress on thursday. anything that is still up in the air if not resolved by then it will fall and they will have to go back to the drawing board. in the end there will be a deal. but while the uncertainty continues it will hurt the american economy. >> thanks. fierce clashes have erupted as rebels targeted the airport which is now closed to limit the movement of government forces. the syrian army has been surrounding areas after what they described as clashes with armed terrorist group. the iranian navy tested ship missiles in a drill iran warned off foreign surveillance planes that tried to approach their forces during the drill. people in athens started their new year without metro or train services as workers go on strike. they oppose further cuts and their inclusions in the single payroll. seven charity workers, six women have been killed in a drive by shooting in northwest pakistan. police say they were shot dead by gunmen on motorbikes. all of the victims are s
capitol hill to introduce the 113th congress. but right now we're dealing with the 112th and maybe 45 hours left in that time frame to do anything they are going to do. well, this morning on the "washington journal" -- earlier as we were waiting for the house to act we showed you the segment with the nation columnist and now we're going to show you the segment from this morning's "washington journal." if anything happens if any breaking news happens that we need to cut out of this, we will cut out and we'll be back here live all afternoon and all evening. >> happy new year. so what is your take on this deal that was reached in the senate? guest: i think it is a mess in a lot of ways. the notion that you're going to sort of take this entire, huge debt problem and put it on whatever it is, 2% taxpayers and small businesses, not only doll i find that fundamental unfair but it is also -- i think it will not work. we saw that yesterday with president obama's speech he said, look, this is the beginning of tax hikes. we're going to have more next year. i don't know if he is going to keep goi
congress. so you've got to start from scratch. that gives opponents not just on the right, but on the left as well who were not happy with the bill to build opposition, whether it's organized labor or ors or conservatives. that is a huge problem. the president is silent right now, you can guarantee if we move closer to the expiration date, the president will go out here and really engage the public to force the house to consider the bill before it expires, bret? >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. we'll go back to breaking news. we heard mike and ed tonight on the legislation and some of the sticking points here. now white house coapt wendell goler take -- correspondent wendell goler takes a more in-depth look at the bill that passed the senate this morning and is now considered in the house. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> the senate deal passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, extenting the bush era tax cuts for families making less than $450,000 a year and making the rates permanent. something that former president bush was unable to do a decade ago because he
, and the thing could go no where. >> it could go no where because this congress is about to end. the bill that passed in the senate, am i right, becomes null and void as of when, tomorrow afternoon sometime? >> actually thursday at noon is when the new congress is set to be sworn in. technically the senate bill expires at that time when the new congress is sworn in. now whether parlimentary procedure could be invoked and they could delay the new congress from coming in, i think we would have to talk to the experts about that, but what we are looking at now potentially is another long night is the bottom line here. and remember that you are going to start to see economic reaction if this starts to signal like this might not happen. you have the asian markets opening up tonight. we will get our first indication of what the world thinks of all of this back and forth in washington. and then tomorrow the u.s. markets react for the first time to whatever happens here in washington over the next 24 hours. >> it is not going to be good. it will get messy quickly. brett, happy new year to you and
to you the congress, reflect on also and more importantly, the priorities of the nation, and right now we are in a situation where it's not about one single member's district, it's about every district in the country, about every americans and how we managed it. and, you know, boehner, that's a big challenge over the last few months, trying to find that sweet spot. i believe with my buddy, lanny davis, that simpson bowles identi framework is a got starting point. maybe that gets another look going into the new year. the president will be less hesitant to embrace it, and see what his options are. it does get tough for the president. may be smiling a little bit, at least one side of their mouth tonight. it gets tougher when you have to factor in again sequestration, and that feeling, definitely shut down some things like that that are still looming. you have to put that framework in place, milissa, to begin to really long-term structurally correct the problems we have and begin to manage them. >> thank you for your time, former rnc chair michael steele. we'll be right back with breaking new
concerns about hillary clinton. >> between these go and behind the right ear.. washington as congress fails to act in time to avoid its fiscal cliff. haazig madyunlieberman: no deal is the worst deal >>> very dangerous place. haazig madyu brain, behind the t ear." >>> chief looks back at his over the "fiscal cliff". despite progress between cutting a deal to avoid a series of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. will miss the midnight deadline lawmakers set for voting on an agreement. >>> kron-4's dan kerman is here to explain how we got to this point and who will suffer as a result. it was a battle and lack of that caused the republican led house of representatives tomorrow. that means we will go over the fiscal cliff at midnight tonight. something the president didn't when he met with reporters >> if this seems that this deadline is shortly in sight. >> reporter: the president indicated that congress was closing in on an increase in taxes for the middle-class. ford and com burgers over the amount of $450,000. for -- the amount of the and, revenue of $450,000 household incomes. >> if t
the senate confirms her successor. but today senate staffers told us that right now there is no word yet as to when congress will begin those hearings to approve john kerry as the next secretary of state. clinton herself isn't expected to travel. these health issues have kept her from all public events for the past three weeks, but she is working from her hospital bed. >> mason: margaret brennan from new york presbyterian hospital. thank you, margaret. a shell oil drilling rig is on the rocks off the coast of alaska. it ran aground last night near an uninhabited island on the state's south coast as it was being towed in a storm. lee cowan reports the coast guard is leading efforts to free the ship and prevent damage to the environment. >> reporter: severe wet has complicated efforts to determine the damage to the 266-foot drill barge called the "kulluk." the concern is not for the true. all 18 aboard were evacuated by the coast guard. the worry is the more than 160,000 gallons of diesel fuel and oil locked deep in the rig's hull, all being relentlessly battered by waves as high as four-s
they have got here is something they can believe will pass the senate and can pass the house and congress and get its way to the white house. it is caution right now while there are leadership giving the okay on this deal, still have to make sure you have the votes. that is often what so many people forget about these negotiations. we hear from the president and the speaker, the two leaders ultimately became the vice president and a ignore the leader of the senate, you'v youe got to get the vote. he never specifically know how your caucus is going to react to what you are offering. adam: is there an option to stall this to tie it up? rich: usually at 11:30 p.m. on new year's eve, your colleagues will not want to talk to you all that much if you are holding this up for the next three days but still that is a possibility. adam: thank you very much. one more live shot of times square. we will be here throughout this evening for you. at midnight we will come back a little bit before the famous ball drop and we will bring that to you live. metaphorically we go off the cliff. does not mean we g
something like that. stay with us, folks. news 4 continues right now on at 5:00 a.m. >>> we have gone off the fiscal cliff this morning. but all hope is not lost as congress and the white house move closer to a deal. >>> plus a historic new year's morning in maryland as same sex couples waste no time saying i do. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. welcome to news4 today. it is tuesday, january 1st. gorgeous -- i was going to say gorgeous night. no, gorgeous morning because i haven't slept. >> a lot of people are saying the exact same thing. gorgeous morning on this january 1st. it is cold. if you're heading out to maybe breakfast or you're just waking up. >> yeah. let's check the forecast now. here's tom. >> or just getting home. good morning and good night. as we start off this morning, we do have a lot of cloudiness. there is a front that's going to be approaching us later today. by the time you're waking back up again, you may have a few flurries flying outside your window. storm team 4 radar showing a few scattered maybe rain, sprinkles
to get tax raises on rich people. and when we go off the physical cliff congress goes back into session. republicans are blamed for the bad economy and roger is right. the three programs, social security and medicare and medicaid have been untouched. roger, the reason i give this one cheer out of three cheers, i think he is right. the democrats are salivating to demonize and this deal is the best they are going to get. >> in this one, some people say, that the real hidden agenda is to break the pledge on tax cuts and break the republican party in two. do you agree with that? >> if we break the party is done. >> and you heard what the great roger stone said. is mr. obama in it to break the party or the gop? >> as a democrat, i wish that, but the reality is he is far more liberal than they think he s he wants the deal. regardless of what howard dean wants, he clearly wants a deal and whether or not he is going to get it doesn't seem like it is going to happen before midnight. that is one of these issues that elections are supposed to decide those things. >> and larry elder. i'll give you
state to pass a right to work law. hampered in the states by riwor washington by adivided congress and abroad by the low cost competition, the president's options to reward unions are limited. >> there are things the president can do and we'll be expecting that leadership from president obama. >> reporter: one option, executive orders and federal regulations. more than 5700 new ones have been posted in the last 90 days alone. there is another option. >> the way to do it from the union's perspective is to raise those workers' pay around the world. >> reporter: u.s. unions are trying to do just that, laying the groundwork to protect workers from detroit to juarez to shanghai to bogota. getting governments in multinational corporations to agree is another matter. dug mcelway, fox news. >>> a big sports star in d.c. announces he is ready to tie the knot. >> oh, my gosh. >> we'll tell you who is officially off the market. >> wait. so he is off the market. >> i was trying to give them hope. >> it's okay. you didn't write t hear what head coach mike asian-pacific hand is saying about sund
>>> right now on msnbc, off the cliff. congress misses the midnight deadline. just two hours into the new year, though, the senate votes in favor of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> the yeas are 89, the nays are 8, 60-vote partial having been achieved, the bill as amended is passed. >> so, now it's all up to the house, where lawmakers will pick up the measure at 12:00 noon today. >>> meantime, in good spirits. doctors report secretary of state hillary clinton is making progress while being treated for a blood clot in her head at new york hospital. >> three, two, one! >> and ringing in 2013. close to a million people packed new york's times square to watch the ball drop and celebrate 2013. good morning, everyone. it is january 1st. welcome to this special new year's edition of "msnbc live." i'm chris jansing. >>> well, we do have a deal, but it's not a done deal just yet. a little bit after 2:00 eastern time this morning, two hours after the u.s. economy officially went over the fiscal cliff, the senate passed a deal to avert its worst effects. the bill passed easily. it w
they have a deal. and whether or not congress accepts it, we'll have to wait to see. neither left nor right likes this deal, house officials tell abc news nancy pelosi and hairy -- harry re dismt d both signed off on the plan. >> mark, thank you very much. well, one of the people who could with affect fwhitd action is roshel carguile, she makes her own business making and marketing her own brand of salsa. the lack of a deal has left her confused and uncertain about the future of her business. >> if the fiscal cliff seems abstraction, here is a small business perched on the edge. >> i mix it and make a fabulous concoction. >> the brains and brawn behind savannah's season salsa. she began with plenty to gain or lose depending on washington. >> when there are expenses going on that should not be going on, it's time to cut it up. it's time to cut it off. >> are you willing to pay more? >> no. i can't. >> for a small business owner part of the frustration of the fiscal sclif not knowing where it's going to leechld she can deal with that. >> this is not so big of a deal, it's another showmanship
. ♪ >>> all right, this holiday season, most americans are not feeling all that much good will toward congress. mary snow has just some of the outrage over the fiscal cliff. >> boutique owner debra pays less attention to designers these days and is focused instead on capitol hill and fiscal cliff negotiations putting a dent in her clothing business. >> i'm really angry that america has not just stood up and screamed and like stormed washington and said we're paying you to do a job. show up for work and do your job. we're paying. they get paid. they're on vacation, taking breaks. meanwhile, we're going to hell in a hand basket. i don't understand how we're allowing this to happen. >> deal or no deal, she said the uncertainty over what will happen has made her customers tentative. >> i don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. that kind of tomorrow has been hanging in the air and kind of got better, we were on an upswing, and here we come with this fiscal crazy cliff, back where as americans, we're being pushed off, and it's a scary place to be. >> while she worries about her business of neary
and maneuvering in congress. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, frank and house speaker john boehner did not say that he was for this deal but he didn't say he was against it, either. and right now, he is trying to take the temperature of his fellow republicans in the house to see if this deal is ready for a vote. house speaker john boehner is promising a quick vote on the "fiscal cliff" bill passed early this morning in the senate or an amended alternative. boehner has not endorsed the agreement which may face opposition from conservative lawmakers in the house. vice president joe biden negotiated the deal with senate republicans over the weekend. the agreement makes bush-era tax cuts permanent for individuals making under $400,000 a year and families making under $450,000. it also postpones harsh across- the-board spending cuts for a few months. >> this shouldn't be the model for how we do things around here, but i think we can say we've done some good for the country. >> middle class families will wake up today to the assurance that their taxes won't go up $2,200 each. >> reporter: pr
of congress saying get a deal done. >> reporter: it was. and we saw backlash just moments after the president came out and spoke. there were some senators who felt as if that was not the right time for the president to do that almost bullying them into getting this all done senator john mccain not happy with the president's words as well one senator tweeting out that if the president thinks this is going to help the process he is actually wrong. but in the end, despite push back, and the strong words used from the president, they were able to get it done but the country did technically go over the fiscal cliff. but they are working to fix everything so that we don't feel the pain of going over the fiscal cliff. so, how will the house vote? that's the big question coming in to today. and the short answer is we are not sure because house leaders put out a statement following the vote in the senate and they gave no promises. they simply said that they will consider is coming to them. they will read it and they will make their decision after that. but no indication whether they will do as the se
-- uncontrolled spending. >> reporter: there's one deadline they cannot ig know. >>> the new congress begins monday at 12 p.m. karen travers, abc news washington. >> we have more at just head to our home page and look for the featured stories. >>> all right. a lack at maryland's most powerful radar. very little of that precipitation has made its way north. all of it well, well south. conditions are still dry. clouds are holding tough around the area. that storm is staying south and still pretty cloudy around here. again, we stayed nice and dry. upper 30s in reisterstown, hick core ri and man chester. 42 in pape pea. cloudy and dry, getting cold. colder still as we go into tomorrow and the middle part of the week. we've got those numbers straight ahead. >>> new tonight a teen killed in a car crash in aberdeen. the victim, 17-year-old austin remines was driving his car when he hit a car traveling the opposite direction. remines died at the hospital. the other driver was not hurt. >>> two people were killed, two others hurt in san francisco after a char speeding awhat from police
. >> reporter: congress' inability to reach a deal has been frustrating to voters. >> they shouldn't have waited right until the deadline, but that's typical. >> reporter: even though the country officially went over the fiscal cliff at midnight, monday, the senate version of the bill makes all tax cut extensions retroactive to the beginning of the year. and if the house decides to amend this bill they will send it back to the senate. house gop members will meet again this evening. actually within the next half hour. that meeting is scheduled then. live on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, matt back to you. >> danielle, thank you very much. >>> earlier today the white house released a fact sheet on the deal. for starters it would permanently extend middle class tax cuts, extending credit for working families, raises $626 billion by ending tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% of the americans. promote deficit reduction and strong fiscal growth and extend the farm bill through the end of the fiscal year, thus averting a sharp rise in milk prices. stay with 9news throughout the night for the very latest
a right-to-work law. hampered in the states by right-to-work momentum and in washington by a divided congress and abroad by low cost competition the president's option to reward unions are limited. >> there are things that the president can do and will be expecting that leadership from president obama. >> one option, executive orders and federal regulations. more than 5700 new ones have been posted in the last 90 days alone. there is another option. >> the way to do it is from the union's perspective is to raise those workers' pay around the world. >> u.s. unions are trying to do just that laying the groundwork as richard trumka recently said to protect workers from, quote. the to detroit to juarez to channing ha to. getting governments agree is another matter. bret? >> bret: doug, thank you. again, we are waiting for any development out of the senate. the house has agender for tonight. they will be back tomorrow to deal with whatever comes out of senate if it comes out of the senate. as you look like at the capitol dome that light on the top, that means they're still working. they a
they have it right. >> as far as we know, she's still expected to testify before the congress on benghazi. do we know if this situation is affecting that? >> you know, cognitively, the way she can relate and testify theoretically, according to what the doctors are indicating, she should be able to do that. the question would be when and whether they release her and when she decides and they decide she can actually do it. but she's indicated a number of times that she does want to do it and don't forget there's been a couple reports that have been damning of the state department. so people in congress, members of congress are saying e we definitely want her to testify. we want her to explain what happened. and then after that, theoretically, you could have the man whom president obama wants to be the next person in line to go through his nomination hearings and we could move forward. but look where we are. it's three weeks before the inauguration. time is really moving fast. >> had that's for sure. thanks so much. jill dougherty at the state department. >>>. wedding vows and not new year's
finds itself in tonight and the disbelief many americans are expressing on this holiday. as congress fails to agree on taxes and government spending measures that have a direct impact on every single american. this new year's day started right after the ball dropped with a lot of hopeful language. the senate voted after 2:00 a.m. on a bipartisan deal that the president praised. but now an impasse. we'll begin our coverage tonight on capitol hill with more from nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: good evening. congress is in overnight. after missing the midnight deadline, they are trying to work something else out. their own terms here in congress running out on thursday. even though the white house and senate made a deal, it is tough to get it through the house. at a bleary-eyed 2:00 in the morning, senators actually did what many constituents loudly demand -- both parties compromised to pass a fiscal cliff package. >> the ayes are 89, the nays are 8. >> reporter: then came daylight. and gop lawmakers hit a complaint from their own house republicans who expected to see some spending
on thursday, when the new congress is sworn in. you know, i'm betting it will go through because even though there are members on the left and the right that don't like this, move on said that they did not like the bill, there's going to be enough members to have a bipartisan roll call, a rare thing in the house, if, if -- >> and does the house want to be seen as the ones who scuttled middle class tax cuts? >> some in the house do, yes. there are a lot of house republicans who are morally opposed to tax increases, and i think some of them will not agree to any kind of compromise like this, as it essentially is a tax increase, and some democrats didn't like how the deal was constructed, either, but i don't think the overall house will let this go. i think you'll find 118 reluctant votes in the house. a lot of house members don't like the details. many democrats didn't love all the details, but they're going to -- president obama has signed on to the deal, so that's going to push a lot of democrats over the line and they'll get enough votes today to get this passed. >> all right, let's say thi
they agreed to it is they paid down $24 billion on the deficit. remember, congress agreed to these major spending cuts, right? >> that's two months down the road, so even that is kind of a little bit anti-climactic. it is like, my god, the fiscal cliff, the fiscal cliff. we'll deal with it in two months. jessica yellin, so much more to talk to you about. we'll check in later, but thanks so much. >>> as we wait for republicans and democrats to come to the microphones, one democrat just left the meeting, he's going to be joining us next. sten to thesy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. you're not filming this, are you? aw! camera shy. snapshot from progressive. test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lowe
general election season might some day be traced right back to today. >> after 43 primaries and caucuses, together we are going to win on november 6th. >> republicans and congress have found a nominee who promised to rubber stamp this agenda if he gets the chance. we cannot give him that chance. >> what's up gangstas? it's the mi double tizzle. >> i like seeing the lakes. i love the lakes. i like cars. i like being able to fire people. i like grits. strange things are happening to me. i met a guy seven feet tall. i figured he had to be in sport but he wasn't in sports. ♪ for purple mountains majesty above the fruit plain ♪ >> corporations are people, my friend. >> guess what? i made a lot of money. i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> is this a category 5 crisis for the romney campaign? >> it depends whether they turn the campaign around or not. you have three presidential debates. >> what do pew want you want me romney? can't do that to himself. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> the first presidential debate now just a matter of hours away. i t
and congress over taxes and spending. in the new year sounds like the fiscal cliff all over again, right? that's because it is. >>> the markets are closed today for new year's but on monday wall street ended 2012 on a very high note. the dow jumped 166 points, finished the year up 7%. nasdaq really the leader here of 59 points yesterday. closed 201215% -- 2012 15% higher. >>> the health of the economy could influence whether a child picks up unhealthy habits. scientists found children who grew up during times of unemployment rates were high, were more likely to drink, smoke and use marijuana in their teens. doctors considered the study with kids born during recessions recessions. what they're finding is during recession, domestic abuse rises so a child growing up in a domestic abuse environment turns to drugs and alcohol. >> you wander if they had the same pattern in the '30s and '80s when we had other recessions whether we see this trend. >> this study looks directly at the 1980s and the recession of that times and the kids that came out of it. it's a small increase in drug use but it just sh
and encouraged the house to pass the bill right away. abc news, washington. >>> medicare reimbursement could take a hit if the fiscal cliff is not averted. reimbursements to doctors will be cut by nearly 30% beginning today because congress may have failed to make the adjustments for medicare payments. it could mean more doctors refewing to treat medicare patients. >>> 2013 will be remembered as landmark year for same sex couples and many couldn't wait to get to city hall at the stroke of midnight. today is a big day as same sex marriage can officially happen in the state. sherrie johnson is live downtown where couples were lined up to say their i dos it was a big morning for many. >> reporter: that's right. a little after midnight 7 same sex couples gathered right here in downtown baltimore at city hall to say their eye dos. this is definitely a historic day for maryland. the couples waited patiently at city hall to say their vows. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake hosted some of the marriages for same sex couples and perform the first ceremony. couples brought friends and family to take
like having paper copies when i started. and i was reading the newspapers at the library congress you could only make photocopies of them. later on they had this very cool machine where you could make pdfs right off the newspaper. so i had, at some points i had, i had kind of a parallel, two parallel systems. it was kind of inefficient. that was the only way to do it. and then there were, you know, things that i had found in, you know, letters and things like that i would make copies of but never turn them into things to go onto the computer. so i'm half in the digital world but still half in the paper world to make it happen. yeah? >> i'm interested in the, the texture, the change of the city of washington. you mentioned 1835, 30,000 people. >> right. >> 12,000 are african-americans. >> right. >> how did the 12,000, how many are free? >> 6,000 plus. majority by like, 50. >> so there is an exodus after this event. what changes within washington? >> no. actually that trend continues and the free black population in washington continues to grow. in fact by the beginning of the civil war
on the part of congress for the first time. when you talk about the $620 billion in new tax revenues yes, that is true compared to 2012. what is not true is compared to right now. taxes have gone up as of midnight, so many are looking at this as a tax cut, which are technically would be. the number of republicans pointing out the lack of spending cuts. $15 billion worth of spending cuts, there is new spending we consider emergency unemployment benefits, long-term unemployment benefits. at least some republicans support the deal or want to see the deal go through. that is the fight they want to have on the debt ceiling and that is how they will get to this, the debt ceiling $200 billion of spending authority left in the extraordinary measures they are going through, so you have to have that next fight. some say you clear the way by getting this off the table and then you have another spending fight, cheryl. cheryl: i guess it depends on which democrats are saying that. we have gotten bits and pieces, and it is funny nancy plosive mentioned that in the press conference, she said are you sa
' requiring full civil rights training from allly to employees from me down. >> and thenited states agreed pay $50,000 to any black farmer who could show the department discriminated against him. people in congress said things like, they need to start writing checks today. >> the government is writing billions in checks. but farmer jimmy says it's a scam. because lawyers told people, anyone can qualify for $50,000. >> people say, how die -- how do i qualify? and say say, of you had a potted plant ex-you're a farm. i you have a lawn and fertilize, you're a farmer. >> this a list o people who got a farm. >> this one is not a farmer. and you go on these pages, this one, this one, this one, not farmers. >> we called and left messages for the people on the list but no one responded. >> this person was discriminated against and collected $50,000. then he noticed what the called the fraud. since the government had few record it settled in the lawsuit by agree to write records by poem who said they attempted to farm. >> attempted to farm could mean anything. you know. my little three-year-old grandson
of congress by january 3rd at noon. if not, all these bills and proposals expire and they have to start voting all over again. >> that is all we need, back to the drawing board, right? >> rich. we hear that even though it is called the fiscal cliff or it is nicknamed the fiscal cliff that the effects won't be felt immediately. technically we're already there but i wonder how long, is there any sense on capitol hill when effect will start being felt by the american public? >> well we got guidance from the irs last evening and they're basically telling businesses they don't have to begin withholding at current tax rates, which are tax rates we haven't seen since the year 2000, clinton era tax rates until february 15th. in that respect you do have a little bit of time to work things out. but on top of that you also got the debt ceiling coming. there are only $200 billion worth of spending room left according to the treasury department. so all of these issues are coming into play here. there are a number of lawmakers who want to get this out of the way. they don't want to be responsible for a majo
to prioritize and right now the economy continues to be the number one priority for the foreseeable future. >> jill, if this fiscal cliff bill does get done is the new congress going to be more or less likely to work with the president on his second term agenda? >> well, the president is going to have more senators to work with, 55 as opposed to 53. that doesn't mean he'll have an easy time of it because republicans can block anything they want in the senate. it depends on what lessons if any republicans took from the election. i do think that the principle gap is very deep and so i'm not sure that we're going to see a kumbaya situation. but as i say, there are some advantages for republicans in making some compromises if they will see it that way. and particularly the demographic challenges. so, you know, ultimately i think the one thing to do is keep -- be realistic about the timetable. i'm not sure the president is going to get everything done that he wants to in 2013 but i would bet on immigration reform. maybe that's crazy and you'll have me back here and i'll have to say no i was wro
for the congress. >>> we are starting out with a few clouds around the bay area this morning. but a lot of sunshine to come on this new year's day. we'll talk about that coming right up. >>> and so far your 2013 morning commute off to a good start. i'll explain. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, of course, january 1. happy new year one and all. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. michelle is off this morning. it's 6 a.m. >>> a full two hours after the midnight deadline the senate overwhelmingly passed a deal to avert the "fiscal cliff." finally got something done. cbs reporter tara mergener is in washington to explain the measure faces an uncertain future in the house in three hours. she has the latest. good morning. happy new year. >> reporter
care, outstanding grab. >> we could do that. [ laughter ] >> absolutely. >>> all right. 6:26 now. coming up, we have a police chase at a bay area airport after a man runs on the tarmac. >> a little scary there. and congress didn't beat the "fiscal cliff" deadline. but there is a deal and a vote. the critical next step that still must happen. coming up. >>> san francisco police will be starting the new year looking for two suspects involved with two different shootings that left three people injured. we'll have details coming up when we return. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> america rings in 2013. tens of thousands watch a dazzling display over the bay area skies. >> happy new year! >>> we are going to be out there watching you and we take it seriously. >> oakland mrs. are stepping up dui patrols. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> the senate passed a "fiscal cliff" compromise blocking across-the-board tax hikes and spending cuts that could kick in january 1. >> this is a mini cliff. the big cliff lie this is front of us. >> secretar
to be a number of lawmakers fed up with the whole process. >> that's absolutely right. we heard a number of lawmakers saying it's december 31st, we could have worked this out long ago. here is one house democrats complain speaker, the american people are looking at congress with disdain and rightfully so. with the deadline of the fiscal cliff only hours away. we failed to reach a reasonable compromise to move the economy forward and ward off painful tax hikes on the middle class. >> a lot of people feeling like in both the house and the senate this process could have been handled much better a long time ago with open hearings rather than having two people negotiate this deal at the last minute, trace. mike emanuel back to us on capitol hill. any updates as they come in. thank you. on this day in 1938, police tested the world's first
event we still haven't seen congress take care of the spending components of what was parts of the fiscal cliff coming up in february. >> so it's possible what's going on right now will keep going. they'll kick it back and keep going and rolling? >> absolutely. we're looking at another situation where the agreement that was reached by the senate even if the house accepts it, kicking the can down the road is the old line which everyone -- no one seems to want but where we always are and where we are once again. >> and there's a frustration level with the people they are supposed to be representing. do you think they are aware of the frustration level the everyday person is dealing with and because this is taking so long? we've been getting e-mails and tweets saying they should have taken care of this already. that type of mentality from people. do you think they get it? >> well, they often haven't frankly in the past. we've seen situations where one of the things that causes congress to move is when there's a big market shift. so new year's day in some ways they kind of luck
inside the paper -- they will have to deal with whatever comes out of this 112th congress. that is if the house later today takes up whatever the senate passed earlier this morning. right now, there are reports that the house is expected to do so. stay tuned to c-span2 what our coverage of the floor when they come and at noon. you can watch as the debate begins. you'll hear from lawmakers themselves. here is a court -- quote from another player -- that is from culver norquist. -- grover norquist. he is suggesting that the gop's negotiating position in the fiscal debate is stronger than being reported. that is at grover norquist for you. others have weighed in as well -- as well. here is "the new york times" -- james in oklahoma, a democratic caller. what is your take? caller: my question is, who is running this country? is it the president, the congress, or is it the american people? the american people break the back to survive on a daily basis. congress does not have that problem. i may not get to eat just because to feed -- just to feed my kids. congress does not have t
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